Snowdon – The Welsh classic

The highest point in England and Wales, our biggest mountain and a magnet for hill walkers, mountain bikers, climbers and tourists year round. Sometimes smothered in dense cloud, sometimes covered in a sheen of snow and ice, but sometimes bathed in glorious sunshine and exposing staggering views across the entire national park.

Snowdon is a classic trip and a true big mountain adventure unlike anything else. It’s a ride that any serious mountain biker will remember for the rest of their riding career, but it’s also a proper mountain, with proper navigation and proper weather. There’s no bail out options up here (although there is a cafe to grab a coffee and cake from) and it’s not a ride many folk do twice, so you’ll want to make the most of it, stop for all the best photo opportunities (or best GoPro shots).

MTB Snowdon

We love this big mountain ride so much that we’ve decided to offer a few very limited places in our guiding calendar this year for you to ride Snowdon with us. There are two days, with just six places available each day, offering you the chance to tick this classic big mountain ride off your ‘to do’ list knowing that you’ve got the backup and support of a local professional MTB guide with you to take you down the best lines, help out with any mechanicals, get the best photos and make sure you get to the top and back in one piece.

To book you place purchase a skills course voucher and tell us which day you’re coming with us to the top of Wales.
April 23rd
April 24th

In case you’re still not sure, here’s a rough edit from our last trip to the top

Carbon-Monkey are a specialist MTB skills course provider who run mountainbike courses in North Wales,
the Lake District, Peak District, Scotland and on Cannock Chase. We grew up riding the trails of
Snowdonia and MTB all over North Wales. From Jumps and Drops courses to multi day MTB expeditions,
at Carbon-Monkey we are ready to welcome you on a MTB skills course that will provide real improvment
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