Dartmoor in the sunshine

A couple of times a year I’m lucky enough to get down to Dartmoor to help run expeditions across the moors. In a good year at least one of those trips will involve some sunshine. This is my first trip of the year and it’s started well!

En route down to Dartmoor I managed to squeeze in a trip to Bespoke Bristol, the superb bicycle builders show next door to Bristol Temple Meads train station. It’s the first time I’ve been able to make it to the show and it was certainly no disappointment! The hall was filled with beautiful, unique, and a few quirky bicycles, from a bright pink fatbike, to a couple of cargo trikes and a titanium tandem for father and son. Three bikes really caught my eye though, the 29er on the Shand stall (did I hear 29+???), the double downtubed mtb from Olsen (what a perfect platform for a well loaded bikepacking framebag) and a gorgeous B+ bike from a new builder from London (whom I shamefully forgot the name of – lovely young lady with funky glasses – can anyone remind me who she is?).


Once I managed to drag myself away from all the lovely bikes and folk at Bespoke I carried on my journey south looking forward to a few days of riding my bike over the moors.

Once a few recent upgrades had been fitted (new suspension fork and front wheel – cheers Charlie the Bikemonger) I headed out onto the moors to help my group get their nav spot on and make their way to a lovely wee wild camping spot. The weather on Dartmoor was superb today and when hidden from the wind the temperature was perfect for riding and the sunshine a welcome reminder of what Dartmoor can be like on a good day. Unfortunately the wind was howling making some of the climbs, and descents, a little more of a challenge than usual, but it’s still great to be out mountain biking on the moor again.


Toward the end of our day I stumbled across a lovely little converted Citroen van hiding in the woods at Bellever, I’d already had lunch so didn’t eat, but if you’re in the area it’s a beautiful spot and the food looks great (check them out )

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