How to: plan a bikepacking adventure

The best place to start is to narrow down your options a little, as the UK, and places that are within easy reach of the UK, offer most of the best MTB and bikepacking terrain in the world, so to start things off ask yourself a few questions:

How many days do I have free?
How far from home (in time or miles) am I happy to travel before I start riding?
How far do you normally ride, in what time, on what type of trail?


Travelling to and from your start point can eat into a lot of your adventuring time, so if you only have a few days you could choose to bikepack close to home, take the train and see the travelling as part of the adventure, or get dropped off for a linear trip home.

It’s always better to start small and grow than to head out on your first adventure just to realise you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and have to bail out early. As a roughy guide, most people new to bikepacking can handle a few consecutive days on a mix of trails, wild camping out and covering approx double the distance they would normal do as a “Sunday afternoon ride”.
So now grab a map of the UK and work out how far from home you can go, the UK is literally covered in opportunities

Next up – route planning

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